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By admin / July 23, 2017

“See” Your Way with Topographic Maps

Wherever you plan to go, topographic maps must be included in your hiking and outdoor camping gear. They make it easy to see the lay of the land- making a conventional map 3 dimensional – when you understand the picture. Like taking a compass, having good, up to date topographic maps on hand to refer to are an essential tool for any hiking trip. Learning to see where you are on the map and how use it with your compass will help ensure that your camping adventure and/or hiking expedition stays on track.

Topographic Maps Will Ensure Hiking Trip Success

Being able to “read” topographic maps will help ensure the success of any hiking trip. You can see easily any major features such as forests, water, trails and mountains – which will be noted by a series of contour lines which show changes in elevation. The closer contour bands are together, the steeper the incline will be. Some topographical maps even show interesting geological features. So simply mark your planned path and note any compass bearings you will be using to follow – this is your guide. Make a copy of your plan and leave it with someone – for your own safety.

Topographic Maps For Everywhere!

You can buy topographic maps for virtually every place on earth you care to go. Military global position systems have mapped every square inch of Earth – in great detail, and they are available to hiking enthusiasts world-wide, so don’t wait till you arrive to familiarize yourself with the area you plan to visit. Besides securing topographic maps for your outing, also practice the bearing changes with your compass so that it becomes second nature – the best way to be when you are getting back to mother nature.

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